So who’s looking forward to the Snow Season that starts this Weekend

June 10 2016

So with the weekend upon us, we look forward to this Snow Season that’s just about to start. And by the look of it, it’s going to snow on the very first day of the opening weekend!! Also with the millions of dollars spent snow making facilities, there won’t be a shortage on snow!!

This way, we can all go get our feet wet and ride that snow!!  The first few runs of the Season, it might not be great, but it still will be a lor of fun. Dont  forget, we have Geelong’s biggest hire range of snow gear from  snowboards, to Skis, toboggans, Jacket & Pants or just helmets and snow chains.  We have it all. You can even come in anytime and book your hire gear. We will have it packed in a bag, ready for you to pick up and take off when you want it!

Pre ordering your hire gear in Geelong, saves time and money. Buy local! ??