Heading to Canada, Colorado, Europe or Japan this Northern Hemi Snow Season?

November 28 2016sugarpunch-demo-regular

BAGS! BAGS! BAGS! Wanting to avoid ridiculous excess baggage prices? Or the need for two items of checked luggage? Have a 22kg limit and your bags alone weigh 7kg? Oz Extreme has got a full range of spacious snowboard bags to get you to and from your overseas trip without hassle. The ease of roller wheels and enough space for all your snowboard gear and normal everyday clothes make it a no brainer to grab one before you head off. I took my board bag and my board bag only (yeah, maybe I had a backpack as carry on but that doesn’t count) to Colorado for over three months and it had more than enough room for all my stuff… trust me on this, I’m a female, I have a heap of stuff *cue trying to fit seven pairs of shoes in* 12662694_994618177271938_8457089353729041458_n

Board bags also make for comfortable seats/beds on long stopovers.


Obligatory my daughter is going overseas facebook photo courtesy of my mother…thanks mum.