ANON OPTICS – Best Goggles in the Biz

July 1 2017

Anon Optics have stepped it up again this season by pushing the forward the Magnatech and integrating heaps of new products with their Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI) masks.

Their lenses are some of the easiest and quickest to change when conditions flip upside down on you. They’re locked in with magnets – and strong magnets with 8 points of connections.

Now, I often get asked if they fall out when you stack and I can confirm that I have faceplanted off rails many times with their last seasons product and am yet to have the lens pop out – so no; they won’t fall out while riding.

Their MFI Facemasks are also serious business, they utilise MagnaTech technology to attach the top of the mask seamlessly with the bottom of the goggle frame which not one rids you of those little areas on your nose and cheeks that are uncovered and prone to wind burn but also minimizes the chance of your goggles fogging up due to tucking another facemask underneath the bottom of the fram to hold it up! Genius!

The M3 frame is my favourite because of it’s old school style with a cylindrical not spherical lens, although the WM1s kill it for girl shredders!