August 1 2017

Spring is arriving fast and so the snow is getting softer and more forgiving for you to try and push yourselves to learn new tricks. One of my all time favourites, and a pretty easy one when you get used to it is the LAYBACK.

The layback is a more extreme variation of a tail press so make sure you are comfortable with your tail presses before trying this!

Step 1:
Try it while standing still, this will help you nut out the right position before you try it on a slope. Once you’re in a tail press, bend your back knee inwards to allow yourself to move your hips and shoulders closer to the ground (if you take a look at the picture of me doing it below – you’ll see my back knee looks almost dislocated but it’s a position your body is easily capable of I swear!). Make sure you keep your body centered over the board as dropping your bum too far back, although common, will make you slip out when you try it on a slope.

Step 2: Find a mellow slope with no bumps, preferably one with a simple, even fall line to follow. Now start in a tail press slowly down the slope whilst gradually trying to reach back and drop your upper body closer to the snow. When you’re first trying this out it may be helpful to loosen the ankle strap on your back binding to allow for a bit more flexibility, just remember to do it back up properly when you ride off.

Step 3:
Once you’ve got your hands on the ground, try sliding them backwards further to almost get your back armpit on the snow! This will aid to keep your board flat because as mentioned, if your slipping out onto your bum you’re probably dropping your hips behind your board causing your heel edge to engage.

Step 4: Feel comfortable? Take it to a box and then even give it some variations like a layback with a backside 180 out.