Snowboarding on Wheels – Get Your Travel Luggage Sorted

December 15 2017

Heading overseas or just stuck for a christmas gift idea? Snowboard travel bags are a must for snow trips, regardless of which hemisphere you’re riding in. Travel bags come in different shapes and sizes – a sleeve being the cheapest and smallest of the options, this is great for protecting your board in storage however you’re still going to have to carry your boots, outerwear and mid layers separately. A good snowboard travel bag is around 160cm long and has padding for protection, wheels for ease of carrying, separate compartments for wet clothes, gloves etc and a spine to stiffen the bag as well as protect if from dragging and damaging the base material. I done my fair share of overseas snow trips and with the exception of my five month stint in Colorado where I checked in a suitcase also (I’m a girl, I overpacked), each trip I’ve only had my board bag filled with everything I need for my trip and a backpack making it super easy to navigate airport and crappy hostels. Quicksilver, Roxy, Rome, Burton and Dakine are all making pretty awesome bags at the moment – I highly recommend you check them out and just get yourself into the Geelong store & have it sorted before your next trip!