Ski & Snowboard Hire Geelong 2019

April 24 2018

Living in this part of the country provides us with unlimited beach, river and outdoor sports. As a result of this we are swamped with bells, gear and whistles relating to all our favorite activities exploding out of our storage spaces. This is an expensive exercise and when it comes to snowboarding there is an alternative. Whether you are just starting out or have sold your gear for summer coin, OzExtreme Geelong have you covered. Year round we offer ski & snowboard hire from outerwear, boots to skis and snowboards.

Before you decide if you are best to buy or hire ask yourself these questions,

Am I going to head to the mountains more than twice this season? If the answer is yes, consider the fact you will have paid off your gear after 4 trips to the snow during the season.

How important is steeze (snow style –  clothing)? When you hire outerwear there are limited options of colours and styles, if this is important to you then consider buying your altimate get up.

How important is convenience to me? When you hire your snow gear at OzExtreme its simple and convenient. After the initial sizing and selection, we bag tag and allocate your gear for you so it is as simple as showing up the day before, pick up your gear and GO!!

Do I need it ASAP? Last minute snow trips do rear their head during the winter and hiring your gear can be arranged in minimal time enabling you to focus on the other travel and accommodation plans.

Torquay, Geelong to Leopold and everything in-between come and visit us to size up your gear and get you ready for this upcoming winter. With our customer data base once you have been measured once we keep your details on file for your next adventure and a simple phone call can secure your gear days before departure.

Visit our website for more info about our weekly bus shuttle to Mt Buller and yearly trip to Mt Hotham