First day of Winter

June 1 2018

Walk outside today and you won’t believe it’s the first day of winter 2018. The cold front promising 30+cm of freshies has come and gone leaving us with our palms upturned beside our faces. Although the snow report for the season is overall positive the age old question still remains…. When???? When can we throw our gear in the car and race up to our local resort for a long awaited session.?

In snow news Aus, Thredbo has made front page news with their official ban on Toboggans indefinitely. The response wasn’t great from the public and even sparked some comments on social media stating the mountain was “money hungry” and the mountain has more “dollars than sense”. Rest assured, the Victorian alps are continuing their support for the “snow sport” with no signs of following suit with the ban.

Mt Buller has announced some exciting changes for the upcoming season with the B-Tag system and money back guarantee for snowfall or should I say “Lack there of”. Find out more info on the Mt Buller webpage but the general gist is its like a Myki Card, you can load money on and use it as snow credit, for lift passes, accommodation and even food and beverage at select stores on mountain. Added benefits also include discounted lift passes if you book in advance similar to booking a flight you can view a whole month of pricing and select the cheapest or best deals accordingly. This is a first for Australian Ski resorts and for ski bums like me it makes for cheaper and more frequent opportunities for snow trips. The Snow guarantee is also going to help on mountain venues and the resort as a whole be fully operational and busy as soon as that snow finally dumps, don’t hesitate in booking your first trip people… Its fool proof.

Tune in next week for more news and upcoming sales and events.

Carrie Ives