Schoooools back for Winter (cue adult’s excitement)

July 25 2018

Can you hear that…… The school bell is ringing!! The sound of children’s skis riding over brand new snowboards are a distant memory, well until late September anyway. Which means the crowds have left the slopes leaving the mountain free for a whole lot of un-hindered exploring for the rest of us.

It has been an amazing start to the season with some of the alps reaching a whopping 107cm snow depth with consistent but small snowfalls between dumps to keep the snow quality at an all time high. With some impressive looking storms on the way it’s looking like we are in for a cracker of a season!

The initial hype has subsided which will make your adventures up to the snow a little lighter on the pocket, accommodation, hire and retail pricing will ease slightly as the mountains try to fill the gaps for the quieter periods on the slopes. If you need some advice on how to save a dollar or two come and speak to our experienced staff at OzExtreme who are all about Ballin on a budget. Don’t forget about our Bus Tours to Mt Buller every sunday for $69!!! This price is subject to booking more than one week in advance. Our shop is no exception with snowboard and binding package deals coming out our ears and heavily discounted Outerwear, boot and Apparel. If you have been waiting for that bargain NOW is the time!