Yearly Archive: 2019

Your Oz Extreme purchases, the goods can be Claimed in the 60 days before you leave Australia

December 30 2019

Do you know about the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS)? For Oz Extreme customers travelling overseas, we will provide the necessary information and tax invoices to claim your GST as you depart Australia. Full details are available on the Customs website & go to the relevent page. ABOUT THE TOURIST REFUND SCHEME (TRS) The TRS enables you to…

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OZ Extreme are bringing EVOLVE Electric Skateboards to the Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast

December 3 2019

Do you enjoy and miss the feeling of rocking “Heel to Toe” as you carve your way down the mountain, The feeling of the wind in your face, the freedom of have picking up your trusty sled and heading up to the ski fields? We are exited to let you know we have the solution…

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Working in Japan or Canada? Just heading over for a holiday?

September 24 2019

Flights, jobs, visa’s, housing, travel insurance all sorted? What about that new board you’ll need? A warmer jacket? Does your ski or snowboard bag have wheels? Heading overseas to work, or even just travel is a great experience, but the lead up to it can be quite daunting. Making sure you’ve got everything organised before…

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The little things you’ve probably never remembered to take on your snow trips – with the family or with your mat

April 29 2019

The thought of being halfway up the mountain realising you’ve forgotten something is a pretty bad one, whether you’ve come for the day or for the week. I’m often one for packing my bags last minute, it’s a miracle I haven’t forgotten some of the most important things. So what are some ways you can…

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Beginners Guide to your first snow trip!

April 29 2019

If you’ve never been to the snow before, it can be very stressful, making sure you’ve got everything you need and organised everything you need to organise. There are a few ways to reduce this stress, so you can focus more on enjoying yourself! It’s no secret, snow trips aren’t always cheap, however the best…

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Board Bags

April 9 2019

For those who know me, you would know I treat my snowboards like children, always waxing them, keeping them stored in my room, repairing any scratches and dings instantly. So how did I come back from Canada with a cracked rail on my favourite snowboard? I’d never thought I’d need a snowboard bag on wheels,…

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Snow jobs at the mountains Mt Hotham, Falls or Mt Buller, take your pick

March 13 2019

So living and working at the mountains is going to be an experience like no other!! So if you’re into everything snow and have one passion, want to make new friends fast and some of them will be friends for life, work in the Australian mountains. As soon as you’ve made this decision probably pick…

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NEW Hire Burton snowboard & Elan skis too

March 7 2019

With the season less than 90 days away, we’re excited to announce we have an entire new range of Burton hire boards and bindings as well as new outerwear. By hiring before you head up to the mountains, not only are you supporting local, you’re saving yourself and your family HOURS of queuing in lines,…

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