Snow jobs at the mountains Mt Hotham, Falls or Mt Buller, take your pick

March 13 2019

So living and working at the mountains is going to be an experience like no other!! So if you’re into everything snow and have one passion, want to make new friends fast and some of them will be friends for life, work in the Australian mountains.

As soon as you’ve made this decision probably pick your favourite mountain first & don’t forget to put your resume in at other mountains too, The part that everyone forgets about, is it that a lot of people don’t actually turn up for their jobs at the start of the snow season, so if you miss out head up there on opening weekend you might be surprised or call a lot, great little backup plan.

So you finish up getting your dream job, or not far from it, the main thing you want to do before you get there, is get yourself setup with all the snow gear (all of it), you don’t want to be chasing around the mountain trying to find snow gear at the last minute meaning from walking boots to that extra jackets, goggles, skis or snowboards And if you get the stuff on layby, it’ll be paid off perfectly before season starts, last thing you want to do turn up the mountain with no money, not a lot of fun you want to get their with gear in hand ready to go!!!