Board Bags

April 9 2019

For those who know me, you would know I treat my snowboards like children, always waxing them, keeping them stored in my room, repairing any scratches and dings instantly. So how did I come back from Canada with a cracked rail on my favourite snowboard?

I’d never thought I’d need a snowboard bag on wheels, I’ve always travelled fairly well, my pack on my bag and snowboard bag over my shoulder, no issues carrying or fitting anything in. My bag was by no means a cheap alternative, but one of the things it lacked was possibly the most important – a hard casing around the tail, protecting the end of my board. Snowboard bags on wheels keep boards upright, and if knocked against anything, have a solid end preventing the end of your board being damaged.

After an incredible trip overseas, I got home to find the rail on one of boards cracked, and unrepairable. Some time between leaving Vancouver and arriving in Melbourne, my bag had been thrown into a plane, hit on a bad angle, or dropped somehow, destroying my board. Luckily for me, I was on my way home, but had this happened on the way over, I could have been on the trip of a lifetime, with no snowboard! After spending so much money on my boards, plane tickets, lift passes etc. Being a typical 20 year old, trying to travel as cheap as I could, ended up costing my a new board, when I should have just protected it better to begin with.

It’s a common misconception that wheelie snowboard bags weigh a lot, making them harder to travel with weight restrictions. However, the average board bag is just 3-4kg, making them probably lighter than your suitcase, or the alcohol you planned on buying in duty free.

Whether you’re going to Canada, Japan, Europe, New Zealand, or even just travelling in Australia, look after your boards and they’ll last.

Heading back to Canada for the 2019-2020 season, one thing you can guarantee I’ll be doing differently is not cheaping out on protecting my boards.


– Eloise