Working in Japan or Canada? Just heading over for a holiday?

September 24 2019

Flights, jobs, visa’s, housing, travel insurance all sorted? What about that new board you’ll need? A warmer jacket? Does your ski or snowboard bag have wheels?

Heading overseas to work, or even just travel is a great experience, but the lead up to it can be quite daunting. Making sure you’ve got everything organised before you go can be a difficult thing, but definitely essential. After the obvious necessities, such as flights, housing, making sure you’ve got the right visa, etc. there’s still a lot to think about.

Deciding what resort to go to can be a pretty big thing, I recommend doing a lot of research into positives and negatives of different resorts and countries, as well as the weather conditions, amount of snow, terrain of mountains, etc. Different resorts all over the world, have different weather conditions, so making sure you’ve got the right equipment before you go is so important!

Buying a board or a set of skis before you go is a great idea, renting for long periods of time in other countries can get very expensive! Although you’ve probably spent a lot of money already, buying a cheap snowboard package might seem like a great idea at the time, but if you’re riding every day, make sure you’ve got a board that will help progress your riding, as well as last longer than your first week, it’ll be a worthwhile investment in the long run! Another thing I’d recommend is learning to wax your own board/skis, when you’re riding every day, paying someone else can get expensive pretty quickly. It’s also important make sure you’ve got the right type of wax for the temperature of where you’re heading. Come see us in store if you’re keen to learn, we’re always happy to share our knowledge and experience.

Other important equipment to think about is goggles, hoods, thermal & base layers and good gloves (if you’re working outside, you’ll need them EVERY day.) Having a snowboard or ski bag on wheels, with lots of padding is definitely something else to check, especially when you’re walking around airports, getting on & off buses, trains and taxis. At Oz Extreme Geelong, we’ve got all the equipment and knowledge to kit you out before you head off.

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