Monthly Archive: December 2019

Your Oz Extreme purchases, the goods can be Claimed in the 60 days before you leave Australia

December 30 2019

Do you know about the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS)? For Oz Extreme customers travelling overseas, we will provide the necessary information and tax invoices to claim your GST as you depart Australia. Full details are available on the Customs website & go to the relevent page. ABOUT THE TOURIST REFUND SCHEME (TRS) The TRS enables you to…

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OZ Extreme are bringing EVOLVE Electric Skateboards to the Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast

December 3 2019

Do you enjoy and miss the feeling of rocking “Heel to Toe” as you carve your way down the mountain, The feeling of the wind in your face, the freedom of have picking up your trusty sled and heading up to the ski fields? We are exited to let you know we have the solution…

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