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Snowboard Maintenance

April 30 2018

Same as most sports, snowboarding is no exception to the fact that expert advice comes from every man and his dog and half the time the info Bruce from Canada gave you on how to wax your board is maybe less than ideal for you, your board or the conditions you ride in. It is…

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Ski & Snowboard Hire Geelong 2019

April 24 2018

Living in this part of the country provides us with unlimited beach, river and outdoor sports. As a result of this we are swamped with bells, gear and whistles relating to all our favorite activities exploding out of our storage spaces. This is an expensive exercise and when it comes to snowboarding there is an…

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2019 Snowboards have landed at OzExtreme

April 19 2018

It’s that time of year again, the beaches are cold and only populated by the most dedicated surfers, the heater goes on and the hoodies come out. With the anticipation building for those powder days at Falls Creek, Mt Buller, Mt Hotham, Perisher and Thredbo it’s time to start considering what advances have been made…

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Snowboarding on Wheels – Get Your Travel Luggage Sorted

December 15 2017

Heading overseas or just stuck for a christmas gift idea? Snowboard travel bags are a must for snow trips, regardless of which hemisphere you’re riding in. Travel bags come in different shapes and sizes – a sleeve being the cheapest and smallest of the options, this is great for protecting your board in storage however…

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September 1 2017

Not ready for the season to end and haven’t been to Japan before? Imagine this…. Riding fresh powder all day long, followed by an mineral onsen to sooth your sore muscles, then a delicious bowl of ramen noodle soup accompanied by gyoza for dinner, some night riding if your up for it and then beers…

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August 1 2017

Spring is arriving fast and so the snow is getting softer and more forgiving for you to try and push yourselves to learn new tricks. One of my all time favourites, and a pretty easy one when you get used to it is the LAYBACK. The layback is a more extreme variation of a tail…

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ANON OPTICS – Best Goggles in the Biz

July 1 2017

Anon Optics have stepped it up again this season by pushing the forward the Magnatech and integrating heaps of new products with their Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI) masks. Their lenses are some of the easiest and quickest to change when conditions flip upside down on you. They’re locked in with magnets – and strong magnets…

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SNOWBOARD BOOT LACES – Traditional, BOA and Quick Lace

June 25 2017

In the market for a new pair of shred stick kicks? Or finally investing in your first pair of boots but don’t know what lacing system to go with? Listen up! It all depends on what you’re after – speed, ability to stay tight, reliability, durability and variable tensions all come into play. Traditional Lacing…

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June 15 2017

Yuki Threads – The kings of snowboarding apparel, always coming out at the forefront of all new shred trends. They continue to deliver ethically sourced organic cotton garments manufactured with fairtrade certification. Even their swing tags are made from the recycled, (minimal) leftover material! Blak Apparel – The kings of headwear, gone are the days…

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June 10 2017

Waxing, waxing, waxing. Everyone knows they should wax their board. Half do it, half might once a season at best. In a magical fairy land you should wax your board every couple of days. In the real world you should wax it after each trip unless you’re doing a 4 month season in Canada or…

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