Oz Extreme Geelong Ski Hire FAQs


Is an Oz Extreme snow tour suitable for the whole family?

Our snow trips are the perfect family day out. Even if the kids decide not to try skiing there are so many fun things to do. Start a snowball fight, build a snowman together or race each other downhill on toboggans. Mt Buller and Mt Hotham both have designated snow play areas so the kids will be safe to play.

What level of ability do I need to have to go on a snow trip with Oz Extreme ?

Our skiing tours cater to all levels of experience. We have a number of packages available so novices can choose to have lessons while experienced skiers and snowboarders might just want a lift pass.

What does a lift pass entitle me to?

A lift pass allows you to ride the ski lifts on the mountain. It is usually the biggest cost factor for a snow trip. The best way to learn to ski is to buy a lift pass and lesson ticket. Gate Entry on to the mountain is separate from a lift ticket.

Do I need a lift pass to toboggan?

No, a lift pass is not necessary to toboggan so make sure you pick Oz Extreme Package 1 – Gate Entry only.

Can I ski or snowboard without a lift ticket?

If you want to ride any of the lifts on the mountain (chairlift, T-bar etc) you will need a lift ticket.

Do I need a ski lessons and where are they held?

It is strongly recommended that first timers have lessons. Skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous for both you and other riders especially if you are unable to avoid accidents or use your ski equipment properly. There are designated areas on the mountain for lessons and the Oz Extreme tour guides will point them out to you.

I really want to book a ski trip with Oz Extreme but I don’t have a ski buddy. Should I travel alone?

Yes! You won’t be alone for long. As soon as you jump on the snow bus you will meet a whole bunch of people who are just as excited about going to the snow as you are. It is a great way to make new skiing friends.

What items will I need to buy before my weekend ski trip?

Ask the friendly staff at Oz Extreme. We do recommend good-quality sunglasses or ski goggles as the sun is strong when reflected off the snow. Goggles are better in foul weather and sunnies are good for nice days. Don’t forget sunscreen as well. Check the snow report before you go to decide if you will need to buy goggles. Oz Extreme has good-quality goggles and a huge range of ski gear for sale. We do not hire goggles for hygiene reasons, nor do we hire ski socks, thermal underwear, gloves or mittens.

Can I hire snow gear through Oz Extreme?

Oz Extreme is the best ski equipment hire shop in Geelong and on the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula. All our ski clothing for hire is from leading brands and in premium condition. For kids’ snow gear hire we have the best selection of ski clothing, snowboards and skis and ski boot hire. Our staff will make sure the whole family has the ski clothing and gear they need for a fantastic day at the snow.

How often do I need to get my snowboard serviced?

It depends on the type of riding you do. We recommend you get your snowboard tuned at the start of the season and you should get it hot waxed every time it is tuned. Remember, you will probably need to get your board waxed more often than you have it tuned.



Where from & what time does the bus leave?

The Bus leaves from Oz Extreme at 4:00am SHARP. If you have not arrived by this time we (The Oz Extreme
Staff ) will leave without you. We require that you be at the SHOP BY 3:30AM as this gives us time to check your name off the bus list, & have
everything ready for when the bus arrives. We CAN NOT control our arrival times but we can control our departure times.
Our departure times are final & we will not wait for you if you are not back on the bus by the designated time. All payments are final they are NOT transferable or refundable.

Can I get a discount on the bus?

Yes you can but… You must not only book your ticket a week early, you must also pay for it in full a week early to
be entitled to a discount. The cost will be $74.95 per booking instead of $89.95.

Do we stop anywhere along the way?

YES. We stop at the Mansfield at approximately 7:00am for a breakfast (30Mins ONLY), Our departure times are final & we will not wait for you if you are not back on the bus by the designated TIME!!
On the way home we stop at Wallan at the Big BP at Approximately 7:30pm (30Mins ONLY) where there is McDonalds, KFC & A Health food Shop for you to purchase.

Can I access my luggage stored under the bus at our designated stops?

No Exceptions to this rule. Our Bus drivers are also aware of this rule & will not open the luggage compartment
for you at any time at any of our designated stops, so be sure to have everything you want with you.
Any & all valuables are fine for you to leave on the bus throughout the day as the bus is locked & your things will
remain safe. We (Oz Extreme) however, are not liable for any valuables.

Can I come back to the bus early if I have had enough for the day?

NO. You CAN NOT get back onto the bus until 4:00pm.
DO NOT DISTURB the Bus driver throughout the day as he will more than likely be Sleeping.
You are to sit in the same seat that you had on the way up to Mt Buller, if you take somebody else’s seat you WILL BE asked to move. So with that Please NOTE YOUR SEAT NUMBER.

Is there an age limit to travel on your bus to Mt Buller?

Yes we do not accept children under the age of 3 years or that are still in nappies, this is due to the fact that there
are no nappy changing facilities on the bus.

Do you have hire gear?

Yes we have all you hire needs EXCLUDING Goggle, Gloves, Thermals or Socks due to hygienic reasons.
We recommend that you get sized up for all your hire needs a week prior to your booking.
Hire Gear can be collected from Tuesday to Friday prior to traveling with us to Mt Buller.

Do you have any information about the Buller kids Programs? has all the information that you need. Simply click the Ski School tab & then select the
Buller kids. Mt Buller requires that you fill out a registration form for any children doing any of the Buller Kids programs. We highly recommend that you print this registration form & fill it out prior to your day of travel with us. It saves you wasting a half hour of your morning upon arrival at ski school having to fill out forms.


  • A pillow & small blanket for the trip to & from Mt Buller.
  • Lollies for your children to suck on for the trip up the mountain as it can help with ears popping.
  • Jelly Beans or Snakes are a great pick me up for your children at the end of the day as they have undoubtedly
    expelled a huge amount of energy throughout the day.
  • Your child’s registration form FILLED OUT IN FULL if they are going into The Buller kids program.
  • A warm change of clothes for the trip home we always recommend their Pj’s as they are usually warm &
    comfortable & it saves your child having to change again once you return home.

Can I bring things with me on the bus?

Yes you can & we always recommend that you bring a pillow & a small blanket with you. Even though the bus
has climate control it can still get a little chilly when we first leave Mt Buller.
For those traveling with Children, changing your child into at least their Snow pants before arriving at Mt Buller
makes it easier for you upon arrival, we recommend that this be done once back on the bus from having our
breakfast stop at Mansfield.

What are the buses you take to Mt Buller like?

The buses that we have are proper coaches, the features they have are as follows:

  • Toilet facilities
  • 3 T.V’s 1 Located at the Front, 1 in the Middle & 1 at the Rear of the coach.
  • DVD Player. PARENTS please be advised that we do play M RATED MOVIES along the way, but your tour operator on the day will firstly ask you whether or not you mind your child watching the movie they are about to play.
  • Seats all have arm rests & can recline.

Can I bring food or drinks on the bus with me? Ok this is a YES & a NO Ques? on…

1. Alcohol.
2. Hot Food.
3. Chewing gum.
4. Ice Cream, sundaes etc.
5. Drinks that do not have a screw on lid e.g. Cans, milkshakes etc.
1. Lollies. E.g. mixed lollies, chocolate bars, lollypops etc.
2. Snack Foods e.g. Muesli bars, Packets of chips, Cookies etc.
3. Plastic bottles of drink where the lid can be refastened.