Oz Extreme snowboard waxing, Geelong

Snowboard or ski tuning is essential for performance.

Tuning includes snowboard or ski waxing and sharpening the edges. Oz Extreme can tune and wax your ski or snowboard. We usually sharpen the edges before the base is waxed. The sharpening is the tuning process. We also have the equipment and capability to complete base grinds on your board.

Services Price
Regular wax $33
Swix F4 speed wax $43
Swix HS8 race wax $58
Edge/tune $15
Summer/Storage Wax $33
Northern Hemi Wax (Cold)
Repair (quote dependent)
Base grind & wax $100
Same day service $5
Immediate service $10

Hot waxing brings out the best in your ski or snowboard, allowing the base to glide much faster over the snow. A hot wax will penetrate further and lasts much longer than alternatives.

At Oz Extreme we are really excited to introduce our new waxing machine, the Wintersteiger Wax Future, the ultimate waxing solution for those looking for a longer-lasting professional finish that will really make you fly. By applying heat over the entire base of the snowboard, the wax can penetrate and fully saturate the base.

We use a high-standard Wintersteiger base grinder for all our customers boards. The base grinding process takes time but will get your board looking like new. A base grind removes the scratches and the outer layer of the base which has been ridden on regularly and no longer absorbs wax. These spots can be seen in the form of a white, dried out patch on your base. After a base grind, the base is flat and smooth, with wax absorbing more freely. As a base grind removes the outer layer of the base, it should not be done as regularly as waxing. The best way to keep your board in good condition is with a base grind and then regular waxes every two to three days of riding to prevent the board drying out and prolong the time required in between base grinds.

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Until the 2023 snow season!
Customer reviewsWilliam BeekhofWilliam Beekhof ★★★★★ Quality service from Andy and staff at Oz Extreme. Whether you are looking for cold weather gear or your new stick they will definitely have you covered.Response from the ownerWow, your review put a big smile on our faces! We're stoked that our ski tune and wax added some extra fun to your Japan trip. It's always a blast to know we've helped make your snowy adventures even better. Thanks for giving us the chance to be a part of your ski story, and we can't wait to keep the good times rolling on your next trip! Daniel BogersDaniel Bogers ★★★★☆ Response from the ownerHi Daniel,Hey there! Thanks for dropping a solid four stars on us! We appreciate the love and the feedback. If there's a secret fifth star society we need to know about, we're all ears! Our goal is to make sure you have a five-star experience next time, so any tips or tricks you have up your sleeve, feel free to share. Thanks for being part of our crew, and we're looking forward to earning that fifth star from you in the future! And if you've got more gems of wisdom to share, hit us up at info@ozextreme.com.au Charlie MacFadyenCharlie MacFadyen ★★★★★ owner helped out multiple times with different things, and went above and beyond everytime. very accomodating, 10/10 would recommendResponse from the ownerThanks so much Charlie! We are so glad we have been to supply with all your boarding needs! KIRSTY COCKKIRSTY COCK ★★★★★ Had such a great experience here, the staff were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and made the process of kitting out my husband while he was working really easy. Thanks guys!Response from the ownerG’day Kirsty I really appreciate that! It means a lot to us, for each of us to have a extensive knowledge base in the shop try and help everyone to pick out the right snow gear☺️🏂⛷️ Dashony AUS (Da'Shony)Dashony AUS (Da'Shony) ★★★★★ Best winter gear shop in town. From snowboards to wearing gear and everything you need when you go to the snow if you’re a snowboarder. On top of that, they organise snow trips every Sunday in winter for the day to Mt Buller and usually 3 Hotham trips for 2 nights each with some meals included and very affordable! I’ve tried both Mt Buller and Hotham trips with OzExtreme and made a lot of friends. Highly recommended. The crew is awesome, also hired snow chains from them, the cheapest I’ve found around.Response from the ownerWOW Thanks so much Dashony! We are so glad we have been to supply with all your snowboarding needs! BadenBaden ★★★★★ Great experience with Andy!Helped me out fixing my bindings saving me a decent amount of money not having to buy a new set!!Legend 👌👌Response from the ownerThank you so much for the review. Really appreciate it. We really try and pride ourselves on great service. Have a great day mate🏂🏂 Paul RaicevicPaul Raicevic ★★★★★ Awesome staff willing to go above a beyond on a binding repair I had. Parts in stock and great to deal with. Thanks legends.Response from the ownerHey Paul, very thank you very much for the positive feedback. Really appreciate it. Have an awesome day😉😉 Usman AliUsman Ali ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThank you so much! Hope you enjoyed your hire! Zoe NesquikZoe Nesquik ★★★★★ The team down at Oz Extreme have been nothing but helpful to me. I keep coming in weekly to annoy them and they are always nothing but smiles, even when I keep them past opening ;). Last year I hired gear from them and it was such an easy and well priced process. They have seriously gone above and beyond for me in all things snow related and I couldn't be more grateful.Thanks guys keep up the awesome service <3Response from the ownerThank you so much Zoe for your kind review! We are always willing to help our customers in any way and give them the best experience and gear for when they head up the mountain! js_loader