From $30 Get your Ski or Snowboard Waxed + Tuned in Geelong ready for the snow!!!!

snow board wax tune We’re hard at work servicing your ski and snowboard equipment!

Come in and get that old wax removed, edges tuned or a fresh wax job on your snow board or skis.

A fresh cut of wax helps your board glide faster and smoother through the snow, edge tuning (and detuning where needed) gets those minor dings and rust off, and sharpens the edges the edges can hold that edge when you need it.



tune tuning snowboard ski At Oz Extreme we love helping you look after your gear, and with the 2019 Winter season now ON, it time to think about coming past the shop, and we can help get on!


We have a unique waxs’at Oz Extreme.

Come in and check out how we wax – we can wax and tune while you shop!

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