Prepare yourself for Northern Hemi Snow!

Have you taken care of your flights, job, visas, housing, and travel insurance? What about securing the necessary gear, like a new snowboard or a warmer jacket? And does your ski or snowboard bag have wheels for easy transport?

When you’re preparing to go overseas for work or travel, it can be an exciting but daunting experience. Ensuring you have everything in order before your departure is essential, after addressing the obvious priorities such as booking flights, arranging housing, and obtaining the right visa. There are still many details to consider.
Choosing the right ski resort is a significant decision, and I recommend conducting thorough research on various resorts and countries. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, consider the local weather conditions, the amount of snowfall, and the terrain of the mountains. Different resorts around the world have varying weather patterns, so it’s crucial to have the appropriate equipment for your destination.

Investing in your own snowboard or skis before you leave is a wise move. Renting equipment for extended periods abroad can become quite expensive. While it might seem tempting to purchase a budget snowboard package initially, if you plan to ride regularly, it’s worthwhile to invest in equipment that will help you progress and last longer. Another tip is to learn how to wax your board or skis, as paying for this service can add up quickly when you’re riding frequently. Additionally, make sure you have the right wax for the temperature conditions at your destination. If you’re interested in learning how to wax your equipment, don’t hesitate to visit our store. We’re always happy to share our expertise.

Don’t forget about other essential gear like goggles, hoods, thermal and base layers, and high-quality gloves, especially if you’ll be working outdoors. Having a snowboard or ski bag with wheels and ample padding is also crucial, especially when you’ll be navigating through airports and using various modes of transportation. At Oz Extreme Geelong, we have all the equipment and knowledge you need to prepare for your journey.
While we’re open year-round to fulfill your northern hemisphere needs, please keep in mind that our operating hours may vary, so stay updated by following our social media channels.