Oz Extreme Unveils the Wintersteiger Wax Future: Achieve Unmatched Speed and Performance

Oz Extreme is proud to announce the arrival of the Wintersteiger Wax Future, a revolutionary waxing machine designed to elevate your snowboarding experience. This industry-leading technology delivers a professional-grade finish that maximizes speed, performance, and enjoyment on the slopes.

Deeper Wax Penetration for Long-Lasting Performance

Unlike traditional waxing methods, the Wintersteiger Wax Future utilizes infrared technology to apply heat uniformly across your snowboard’s base. This innovative approach ensures deeper wax penetration, allowing the wax to fully saturate the base for a longer-lasting effect.

Renew Your Ride with High-Standard Base Grinding

At Oz Extreme, we understand the importance of a properly maintained snowboard. That’s why we offer high-standard Wintersteiger base grinding for all our customers. This meticulous process removes scratches and the outer layer of the base, ensuring optimal wax absorption and a smooth, flat surface for exceptional glide.

The Wax Future Revolution

Here’s how it works:

  • Automated Deep Heating: Infrared lamps provide consistent heat across your skis or snowboard base, ensuring optimal wax penetration.
  • Superior Saturation: This deep conditioning treatment allows the wax to fully saturate the base material, resulting in unmatched glide and extended protection.
  • Eco-Friendly and Efficient: Infrared waxing uses less wax and completes the process significantly faster, making it kinder to the environment and your wallet.
  • Reduced Risk of Overheating: Forget hot spots! The Wax Future eliminates the risk of overheating your skis with a hand-held iron, ensuring consistent results.

World Cup Tech, Now at Oz Extreme

Previously reserved for elite race teams, infrared waxing is now available to you! This technology provides greater initial wax saturation, ensuring your skis or snowboard perform at their peak for longer.

Experience the Oz Extreme Advantage:

  • Unmatched Glide: Enjoy effortless carving and longer distances with a deeply conditioned base.
  • Faster Service: Get back on the slopes quicker with our efficient infrared technology.
  • Reduced Wax Waste: We believe in eco-friendly practices and efficient use of resources.
  • Professional Care: Our experienced technicians will handle your skis or snowboard with the utmost care.

Don’t settle for average! Bring your skis or snowboard to Oz Extreme today and experience the difference the WINTERSTEIGER Wax Future can make. No appointment necessary!