The little things you’ve probably never remembered to take on your snow trips – with the family or with your mat

April 29 2019

The thought of being halfway up the mountain realising you’ve forgotten something is a pretty bad one, whether you’ve come for the day or for the week. I’m often one for packing my bags last minute, it’s a miracle I haven’t forgotten some of the most important things. So what are some ways you can make sure you’ve got everything you need, as well as those extras you probably don’t need?

Obviously being organised, having everything packed well in advance, making lists, etc. – there are some pretty obvious ways, but how can you be sure you’ve got everything? The honest answer is you probably can’t. To make it a bit easier though, I’ve put together a list of a few pretty important things, as well as some commonly forgotten one, and some I know from personal experience are pretty bad to forget.