Our Team

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  • Name:Lauren Zawislak
  • Role:Full time legend
  • Favourite snow destination:The Remarkables - NZ
  • Travel tip:Get a board bag with wheels! You won't regret it.
  • Short bio:I came first in the female snowboard halfpipe at PyeongChang 2018.. not really, but a gal can dream. I've been boarding for about 10 years now - my first ever trip was on one of the Oz Extreme bus's and I was instantly hooked! In 2016 I travelled to NZ for a snowboarding trip & absolutely loved it. My biggest advice if you are a first time snowboarder is to get a lesson - it can be hard to learn at the start, but once it 'clicks' you'll be flying down the mountain! #goofy
  • Name:Ben Barnard
  • Role:Waxing Extraordinaire
  • Favourite snow destination:Hakuba - Japan
  • Travel tip:Take a neck pillow
  • Short bio:I don't have friends on powder days! I am an athlete. I am also fabulous. I've been boarding for about 10 years - tried skiing once (never again). I've been waxing Andy.. I mean, waxing Andy's boards for the last few years and getting all those hire boards in tip top shape. I ride 4 different boards, 2 Lib Techs and 2 Nitros - I love them all. To pick a favourite would be like choosing a favourite child. I like to think I'm an above average table tennis player - all those snow trips have contributed to my table tennis stats. My biggest advice is to ride it like you stole it. #goofy
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  • Name:Andy Leach
  • Role:CEO - Chief Entertainment Officer
  • Favourite snow destination:Chamonix - France
  • Travel tip:Catch the bus
  • Short bio:Hi my name's Andy. I'm an avid crossfitter and yoga enthusiast. My passion for snowboarding led me to open Oz Extreme back in 2004. I started off in a small shop in Belmont but soon outgrew the space and relocated to where we are now in Grovedale. I have a great crew working for me. Their passion and enthusiasm reminds me of a young Andy.
  • Name:Tegan White
  • Role:Full time legend
  • Favourite snow destination:Copper Mountain
  • Travel tip:Wear a helmet or end up with zero brain cells like me
  • Short bio:The real OG Ozextreme madcat, been here since the dawn of time specializing in merchandising, apparel and technical support for all things snow. Often found in the park showing the boys how it's done and looking damn good while she does it. She also has a dog named Lloyd and he is the best.
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  • Name:Eloise Ettridge
  • Role:Legend
  • Favourite snow destination:Rusutsu, Japan
  • Travel tip:Look out for kangaroos on the road at dusk
  • Short bio:People like me are in short supply.. I started off as a skier, but saw the error in my ways and quickly jumped on a snowboard. I snowboard, surf, wakeboard and skate. Basically, give me a board and I will ride it. I'm probably the smallest football player you will ever see, but don't underestimate us shorties. I've been working at Oz Extreme pretty much my whole life and love the the place and the products we supply.
  • Name:Natta Blyth
  • Role:
  • Favourite snow destination:Mt Buller
  • Travel tip:Follow the powder
  • Short bio:I love a tight pair of jeans and I also love a good powder day. I may be the newest staff member but that doesnt mean I don't know my stuff! I love to chat all things snow - boards, bindings, outerwear, you name it!
  • Name:Emily Harris
  • Role:Lil legend
  • Favourite snow destination:Canada
  • Travel tip:Don't pack your alcohol in your carry on luggage
  • Short bio:You may recognise this babe from "Beauty and the Geek" Tv show!! Also known as Yoke Spitidoke. Ask Emily about Canada or New Zealand for snow travel tips.
  • Name:Carrie Ives
  • Role:Advice giverer
  • Favourite snow destination:Nozawa Onsen, Japan
  • Travel tip:Travel to destinations that push you out of your comfort zone.... and send it!
  • Short bio:Definition of a ski bum, occasionally asks for loose change on the streets... Help her, she's poor. If you want to learn how to sacrifice everything to live and breathe snow ask Carrie.
  • Name:Imogen Hinds
  • Role:Newbie
  • Favourite snow destination:Buller
  • Travel tip:Don't forget your gloves - fingerless gloves are not ideal
  • Short bio:Wannabe mini Eloise (who's actually the taller cousin)