Oz Extreme snowboard waxing, Geelong

Snowboard or Ski tuning is essential for performance.

Tuning includes snowboard or Ski Waxing and sharpening the edges. Oz Extreme can tune and wax your Ski or Snowboard. We usually sharpen the edges before the base is waxed. The sharpening is the tuning process. We also have the equipment and capability to complete base grinds on your board.


Hot Iron Wax – Overnight $30.00
Hot Iron Wax – Same Day $35.00
Hot Iron Wax – Immediate $40.00
Full Tune – Wax and Edging $45.00
Base Grind and Wax $100.00
Repair Quote Dependant

Hot waxing brings out the best in your Ski or Snowboard, allowing the base to glide much faster over the snow. A hot wax will penetrate further and lasts much longer than alternatives.

We use a high-standard Wintersteiger base grinder for all our customers boards. The base grinding process takes time but will get your board looking like new. A base grind removes the scratches and the outer layer of the base which has been ridden on regularly and thus no longer absorbs wax like it did. These spots can be seen in the form of a white, dried out patch on your base. After a base grind, the base is flat and smooth, with wax absorbing more freely. As a base grind removes the outer layer of the base, it should not be done as regularly as waxing. The best way to keep your board in good condition is with a base grind and then regular waxes every two to three days of riding to prevent the board drying out and prolong the time required in between base grinds.

At Oz Extreme we use the ultimate waxing technology. We are really excited to have one of only three Skins Deep Penetration Waxing System machines in Australia. This is the ultimate waxing solution for those looking for a longer-lasting professional finish that will really make you fly.

By applying direct heat over the entire base of the snowboard the wax can penetrate and fully saturated the base. This waxing system last two to three times longer than a traditional hot wax and has a protective plastic sheet that can be left on the base of the snowboard during storage and travel. Simply peel off the plastic sheet before riding.

Oz Extreme has this service available in store from $25! We also service skis and are happy to do ski waxing.

At Oz Extreme we have a huge range of leading-brand snowboards and gear for sale and hire.